Our Group

The Group operates by developing, owning, or partnering with independent hoteliers and hospitality companies. While every project is unique, there is always commonality through a shared purpose. Our philosophy is to foster creativity and inspire talent to create bespoke, enriching environments that achieve outstanding recognition and commercial success.


Excellence, vision and creativity are at the core of the Shamoon family, a dynamic brother-sister duo that finds strength in ingenuity and success in contrast.

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Daniel Shamoon

Daniel Shamoon is the co-owner of Luxury Hotel Partners. After studying in London, Paris, Madrid, and New York, Daniel initially worked in London trading equities. He is now renowned for his international property expertise and successful track record in developing multiple commercial and residential sites, including hotels, restaurants, residences, retail and leisure.

Daniel’s unique blend of design vision, innovative marketing and world view enables Daniel to galvanise projects and energise teams. He is passionate about leveraging new digital technologies to improve customer and employee experiences.

Since 2015 he has overseen the digitalisation and high-quality growth of Small Luxury Hotels of the World while also forging a growing owner relationship with Nobu Hotels.

Transforming lives through a long-term relationship with World Vision is at the centre of his philanthropic activity. Married with three children, Daniel is passionate about architecture, interior design, skiing, vintage cars, and travel.

Jennica Arazi

International real estate developer, design and branding expert Jennica Arazi is the co-owner of Luxury Hotel Partners. Jennica has more than two decades of experience creating value across a global property portfolio, including hotels, private residences, and commercial real estate in both the UK and Spain.

Jennica brings a considered, inspired and purpose-driven vision to each project. Mindful of reflecting a sense of place by harnessing and pushing the limits of local talent, the result is exquisite, alluring spaces that feel effortlessly put together.

Across her businesses, Jennica champions meaningful, sustainable practices and long-term collaborations, responsible for pioneering community initiatives to safeguard environmental practices and creating luxury leisure retail strategies that counterbalance artisanship with outstanding heritage brands.

Jennica is based in London with her family.


Our Philosophy

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Our very personal and emotional link to the projects we embark on and the hotels in our collection naturally goes hand-in-hand with a mission to not only minimise our impact on our society and environment, but to also leave it slightly better than we found it.

Based on a profound respect for our limited natural resources and the people who preserve them, we work daily with leadership teams in each of our properties we are a party of in the following areas to:

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Follow sustainable practices to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and to ensure energy efficiency.

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Underscore our commitment to the wellbeing of MC Hotels employees by securing equality of conditions and opportunities, as well as financial support.

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Local Initiatives

Support the efforts of local initiatives, producers and artisans to safeguard ancient traditions and practices.

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A great family

Make our employees and their families active participants of our objectives.